Monday, October 31, 2011


"How can I ever hope to describe a good friend such as you?
A few words come to mind: reliable, loyal, true.
When I have a sleepless night you're a simple phone call away.
And when I have a rough day you know just what to say.
You put up with my weirdness and my crazy insanity.
You're patience is as endless as the vast Atlantic sea.
You've always there to listen and you've ready with a grin.
Just being with you makes me feel like I'm in it for the win.
You give advice, you're happy, and you serve with real intent.
And most of the time I wonder if you're truly haven sent.

And so, good sir, it's time for me this cheesy poem to end
But let it be known, through good and bad, I'm grateful you're my friend."

A lost notebook on on the desk at Helaman.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

But really.

Currently failing at creating my own art, I resort to that of others. I love this beautiful world.