Monday, September 27, 2010


They were in our minds until forever but we didn't mind. We didn't know better. Am I ready to make the hard decision? Yes. I am free and there is such a beautiful world out there. Everyday we decide where we will go, where life will lead us. It's up to us. What matters to you doesn't matter to me. What matters to you doesn't matter to them. What matters to them doesn't change anything. I have learned of the good and potential each one of us has and I know that even now there is so much more, we have such good potential. It took that fine mingling of holding on and letting go to help me realize I shouldn't ever settle. So hallelujah, cut the strings, let me go to help me fly. So not like a need the string you know? I am a bird, free.

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  1. i can't imagine how hard this is. i'm always here for you, with ice cream, or whatever you need :) i wish i could advise but really i can't--just know we all love you and we're behind you no matter what.